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BULK Membership Details

The BULK license is for Instructors, Colleges, Universities, Training Companies, or any other education institution that needs to train a group of users.

The bulk license will allow you to:

  • Invite and Manage your own group of students accessing our quiz engine.
  • Decide for how long each of your students will be granted access.
    • Access is granted on a per month basis.  It could be 3, 6, or any number of months, you decide.
  • Invite students in bulk by importing a list from an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Monitor their progress and see who is working hard and who is not.
    • Allowing you to focus your mentoring on areas that need the most improvement.
    • Allowing you to identify which of your student may need some motivational support.
  • Increase your passing rate significantly.
  • Every single quiz taken by your students are tracked.
  • You have access to ALL of our certifications quizzes not only one certification like most sites out there.
  • You students can take as many quizzes as they wish during the period they are granted access.
  • The quiz engine with its very thorough explanations will become one of the primary tool used in your student learning.
  • You can assign Homework to your students.
  • Create your own admission quiz or a private final quiz given at the end of class.
  • You can invite your instructor to make use of the quiz.
  • Instructors can be assigned to specific group/classes where they can also monitor the progress of students.
  • And many other features.

Overall, the quiz will give your students access to the best tool to pass their certification exam on the first trial.


Our pricing structure is very flexible and affordable for all of our customers.  Whether you are a single instructor or a company with thousands of students yearly, we can accommodate you.

The license is based on a bank of months that you maintain.   The more months you acquire at once, the deeper the discount will be.  The bulk license offer prices that are severely discounted compare with our regular licenses prices.  Our smallest license is for 30 months of access, which comes down to only $9.60 per month compared to the usual price of $69.99 for a single user license.   

For example, if you have a class of ten students,  you decide to give each of them access to the CCCure Quiz Engine for 6  months, for a total of 60 months of access.   A BULK license with 60 months in the bank would be sufficient to provide access to all of your students. The cost comes down to only $9.00 USD per student per month.

Volume has its advantages.  For customers with a large number of users and buying more months at once, the monthly price could be as low as $3.45 per student per month.  That's a steal. 


Do you need more information or details?

Do not hesitate to contact us,  send us an email at

Best regards

Rebecca Dupuis

CCCure Owner